Places to Celebrate Your 25th Anniversary With Your Family

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A 25th wedding anniversary marks a milestone for you and your spouse, and now it is time to plan the perfect celebration. Couples in the later stages of marriage may choose to celebrate surrounded by their loved ones. Select an appropriate venue and invite your children and extended family to come along to relish in this special moment.

First Date Location

Take your family members back in time by planning your party at the place you first went on a date. Perhaps you can book an event room at the art museum where you strolled hand-in-hand, or arrange to have a large picnic at the spot where you shared your first meal together under a tree. If your first date location is no longer in existence, then book a similar venue to recreate the special moment. Perhaps you can have the celebration at a new Italian restaurant in town if the original location went out of business.

Second Honeymoon Vacation

Celebrate your anniversary by bringing close family along to the destination where you went on your honeymoon. Plan months ahead if the location is out of the country, such as Italy or the Bahamas. Reminisce about all the special places you went to the first time you were there. Point out the specific spots to your family like the beach you sunbathed on, the places you shopped and the restaurants you ate at. Be sure to plan some alone time together while the grandparents spend time with the children back at the hotel.

Wedding Ceremony Location

The place where you and your spouse were officially pronounced husband and wife can serve as the perfect location for a celebration. If you shared your vows in a church, book the social hall at the same church to hold a party with your family. Alternatively, even if you did not get married in a church, you can still celebrate at your original ceremony location. Perhaps you held your ceremony on the beach. Rent out a beach house for your celebration. Maybe you got married at a botanical garden. Plan the event in a party room overlooking the natural scenery.

Hobby-Related Sites

If you and your spouse share a favorite pastime, consider a location that coincides with your hobbies and interests to share your passion with your loved ones. Think of what you have loved doing together for the past 25 years. Perhaps you both are avid golfers; hold your party at a local golf club overlooking the golf course. If you both are animal enthusiasts, consider booking a party facility at the zoo. An event room at a concert hall can also be an ideal setting if you both enjoy classical music or playing instruments.