Pirate-themed Food for Kids

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Whether you are celebrating a child's birthday with a pirate-themed party or simply offering a special meal or snack for kids who are about to head off to see the latest pirate movie, preparing pirate-themed food gets children excited about what you are serving. Keep in mind that the best themed foods for kids are some of the least complicated and when it comes to kids, imagination goes a long way.

Shapes and Snacks

Satisfy any swashbuckler with foods shaped into pirate-themed objects. Tuna fish sandwiches can be cut into fish shapes for a bottom-of-the sea delight. Most kids love watermelon, so carve one end into the jaws of a fish and scooping the insides into round melon balls that fill the gaping mouth. Fish-shaped crackers in a large blue bowl with some foil-wrapped chocolate coins are an engaging snack idea for a pirate-themed kid's party. Another healthy option is to spread peanut butter onto celery sticks, dot them with raisins and thread tiny sails onto toothpicks to make "Pirates on a Ship."


Make regular menu items special by renaming them with pirate themes. Chicken nuggets make great golden nuggets straight out of a pirate's treasure chest. Serve them with "sea sauce" -- ranch dressing -- for dipping. Strawberries transform into rubies, corn kernels become pirate teeth and red grapes pose as cannonballs. For older kids, you can try giving foods a grossness factor. Chicken legs work as parrot legs and a burger with ketchup can be recast as a bloody rat burger. Homemade cookies can easily become centuries-old sea biscuits and soda or fruit punch makes a great grog.

Pirate Dessert

You can make a pirate-themed cake in the shape of a pirate ship, pirate's face or box of treasure for kids to enjoy at a pirate-themed party. If your little adventurers prefer their own individual servings, opt for cupcakes decorated with a skull and crossbones or pirate flag motif. When the party or play session is over, hand out small treasure bags full of hard candy, dried fruit and nuts, so kids can take some of their booty home with them.

Serving Styles

How you serve your pirate crew is just as important as what you serve them. Instead of simply presenting your pirate snacks on a table, place them in different locations around the house or yard and provide treasure maps for kids to seek out their favorite treats. Make pirate-themed serving pieces out of toys and decorations, such as using a toy ship as a bowl for slices of tropical fruit or a leftover Halloween skull punchbowl to serve your grog.