Pin Up Hair with a Bandana: Three Different Looks

by Christi Aldridge

Bandanas have long been synonymous with rockabilly, pin-up girl style. There's nothing like a red bandanna tied around a bouffant hairdo to look retro and fresh all at the same time. This hairstyle never goes out of style, so tie on a bandana to cure any bad hair day. There are several ways to work a bandana scarf to give various looks; whether you keep your 'do up or down, it will look vixenish and vintage with a bandana tied around your locks.

Classic Cuteness

For the most retro, Rosie the Riveter, pin-up girl look, try a bold red bandana. Lie the bandana flat and fold it into a triangle. Roll up the bandana as thick as you'd like it to be, but keep it around an inch or two wide to make the look authentic. This style is the most retro when you wear your hair in an updo, and pin your bangs back or curl them into a '40s roll. Tie the bandana around your head and knot it right at the top of your head, leaving the ends sticking out.

Wrap Star

Give your bandana a refresher by turning it into a head wrap. Pull your hair into a voluminous updo and clip it into place. Use a bandana as a hair wrap by pulling the bandana out a bit to make it wider. Tie the widest part of the bandana around the back of your head and bring it around the the top, right at the hairline. Tie and knot the ends into the knot to secure them without leaving any ends sticking out. The look is neat and bohemian with a vintage flair. Pull your bangs or tendrils out of the front and sides to frame your face.

Scarf It Up

Pay homage to the pin ups of the hippie era with a headscarf style. Leave your hair loose and free around your shoulders for this look. Fold the bandana into a triangle shape and place the flat side right across your forehead. Tie the remaining ends together at the back of your head so the bandana looks like a trendy scarf over your head. With your hair flowing down, it is the perfect way to cover your head on a sunny day and look daring and fun.

Other Ideas

When you're creating an updo to mimic a pin-up style, it's best to do it with hair that hasn't been washed for at least one day. Tease your hair for additional volume when putting it into an updo. If you feel like the bandana won't stay in your hair or keeps sliding off of your head, use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair to keep the bandana anchored into place. Experiment with different colors of bandanas until you find the shades that flatter your face most, or mix them up to match and complement your outfits.

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