How to Find a Person Using Google

When you are looking for an old friend or colleague, one of the most overlooked resources is the Google search engine. Google is the world's most popular and advanced search engine site. It not only allows people to find information about subjects, but the website also helps people find lost friends. With a few simple search techniques, you can accomplish your goal with Google.

Go to In the search box, type in the full name of the person you're trying to find: first, middle and last name. If you don't know the entire name, type in as much as you have. Click "Go."

Look at the sites Google brings up. Some of them will have the name you typed in listed underneath the website URL in bold letters. It will usually tell you a few more keywords that will give you clues as to whether this is what you're searching for.

Type in the person's Social Security number, maiden name, family name or any other information you can link the person to. See what the search brings up. If there's anything that looks promising, check it out and see if you obtain any additional helpful information from these sites.

Punch in the person's phone number, if you know it. If not, type in the person's former phone number or address. This may bring up some more clues or sources for your search.

Click on a site that offers to help find people. No doubt there will be one or two in your list. When using these sites, you need key information such as Social Security numbers and old addresses. Be aware that there may be a fee.