Perfume Oil Recipe for Men

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Women aren't the only ones who like to smell good. Many men take pride in their appearance and proper hygiene. Men don't want to smell like women, however, so they use cologne. Cologne can be very expensive. Men can save themselves a few dollars by creating their own perfume oil at home. This perfume oil is made from essential oils. There are so many essential oils that is easy to create a scent appropriate for a man.

Pour 3 oz. of vodka in a small glass container. This is the base of your perfume oil recipe.

Add 20 drops of bergamot essential oil, 10 drops of patchouli essential oil, five drops of cedarwood essential oil and three drops of ginger essential oil to your vodka. These are the fragrances of your perfume oil recipe.

Place the lid on your glass container and give it a few shakes to combine the ingredients.

Set your glass container aside for one to four weeks so that the fragrances have time to combine and get a little stronger.

Rub a few dabs of the homemade perfume oil on your skin after your morning shower.