Perfect 50th Anniversary Gifts

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The 50th anniversary is known as the gold anniversary or golden anniversary, and not surprisingly, it’s traditionally associated with gold. Whether you’re buying a gift for your spouse, your parents or someone else in your life, you want the perfect gift. Perfect 50th anniversary gifts show that you care about the person and that the anniversary is one you remember. The right gifts remind them of your feelings long after the day passes.

The Gift of 50

For the 50th wedding anniversary, purchase 50 small gifts that serve as a token of your love and feelings. Use small juice glasses, bar glasses, vases and other containers to display 50 fresh-cut flowers around the house. Or arrange the flowers to create 50 in one room of the house. Visit a candy store that sells candy in bulk and place 50 small pieces of candy around the house. Alternatively, use the candy to spell out a special message or just make a large heart shape on the living room floor. You can even make a coupon book, giving the recipient 50 coupons for things you will do for him.

Presidential Letter

The president of the United States sends many special letters, including letters wishing couples a happy 50th anniversary (see Resources). The only stipulation is that you must be a resident of the United States and, for anniversary wishes, both members of the couple must be legal residents. Send your inquiry directly to the White House at least six weeks in advance of the anniversary. The letter is signed by the president and sent to the couple’s home.

Gold Gifts

Gold is the traditional 50th anniversary gift, throughout history and in modern times. Treat the couple to gold jewelry, a gold clock for their home or a gold-plated picture frame with a photo of the couple inside. An unusual twist on the classic gold gift is the gift of flowers dipped in gold. Real roses are dipped in a gold plating that preserves the flowers well into the future.

Violet Gifts

The traditional flower associated with the 50th wedding anniversary is the violet. A simple gift of handpicked violets tied in a light purple ribbon shows that you appreciate the occasion. For a twist on the traditional gift, use the violet as decoration on another gift. Wrap the gift in gold-colored paper and tie a single violet to the front of the package.