Percy Jackson Crafts and Party Ideas

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Written by Rick Riordan, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is centered around a boy who discovers he is the half-mortal son of the Greek god Poseidon. Full of adventure and largely based on Greek mythology, the series has become a very popular party theme for elementary and middle school students. When looking to host your own Percy Jackson party, creativity is key to the right invitations, crafts and more.


Create your own scroll invitations showing the date and time of your party. All that is needed is paper, envelopes, a brush and either coffee or tea. Age the paper and envelope by brushing them with coffee or tea and letting them air dry for that scroll look. Look up the Greek alphabet and write all the party information in Greek letters first, with the English letters below them. As an added touch, do the same with a name tag for each child and include it in the envelope.


In the books, demigods like Percy are considered "half-bloods," who attend a camp where they learn to develop their powers. A "Half-Blood Camp" is a great party setting. Adorn the room with pictures of Greek gods, which you can find on the Rick Riordian website. To enhance the setting further, add Greek columns made of cardboard tubing sprayed white, and drape white sheets "toga-style" around the room.


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Percy's mom makes him blue food on special occasions. This makes a blue cake with blue frosting a perfect fit for the party. Additional refreshment ideas include blue-colored drinks (blue Kool-Aid for one), "nectar" punch (drink of the Gods), "Ambrosia" brownies (don't eat too much or you'll go up in flames) and lightning-bolt-shaped cookies and fresh strawberries (straight from Camp Half-Blood).

Personalized T-Shirts

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Personalized t-shirts are fun to do and make a great "camp" activity that a child can take home with him. You will need to compile a few items -- plain-colored t-shirts, fabric paints and markers, pictures of the 12 Greek gods of Olympus, any symbols associated with each god and the Greek alphabet. Let each child pick the Greek god that he would like to be and with the materials have him decorate his t-shirt with symbols associated with that god. On the back of the shirt, using the Greek alphabet, the child can write his name. It is a good idea to do this at the beginning of the party so that the t-shirt will be mostly dry by the time the children have to go home.


A craft that is easy to do in addition to the t-shirt or in lieu of it, depending on your budget, is a do-it-yourself Greek shield. Once again, this is ideally a project to do at the beginning of the party as it also needs time to dry. Supplies needed are black foam board, different colored paints -- green, brown, white and gold -- poster board and glue. Using a large bowl, trace large circles for the shape of the shield and cut them out before the party so that when the children are ready to sit down for the painting all will be ready. Shield decoration ideas with a mythological theme could include a green trident, brown cyclops eye, white crossbow and a gold outline of the Empire State building--straight out of the movie. After the shields are done, cut poster board strips and glue them to the back of each shield so that the shield can be slipped over the arm. Once they are dry, everyone will have her very own Greek shield.


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As part of the "Half-Blood Camp" experience, incorporate relay races, obstacle courses and a Percy Jackson trivia contest. Children can earn prizes like gold drachmas (chocolate coins) and blue candy. At the end, the child with the most candy earns a grand prize. This can be of your choosing, but one suggestion is Zeus's lightning bolt, to keep with the theme, which can be created out of paper mache. Take aluminum foil and shape it like a lightning bolt. Tear newspaper into strips and dip completely into prepared paper mache paste. Cover the foil and let it dry for 24 hours. Once dry, and as long as you feel you don't need any more layers, paint the lightning bolt with yellow or gold paint. Do this a couple of days ahead of time to be sure everything is ready for the party.