How to Pay Child Support Online

by braniac

If you owe child support and need to make a payment, but can't get to the Child Support Enforcement Agency in your area, you can make payments online. It is a great alternative for those that need another way to send payments.

Go to the Expert pay website. When you want to pay child support online, you just go to this company's website. The resource link is below, but remember you are going to have to fill out substantial amounts of information.

Enter the amount to pay with options. Yes, there are options when you pay child support online, and most of it has to do with how you want to pay. You can either make a one time payment from your credit/debit card or set up recurring payments that can be taken out at a certain each month.

It's simple, but read everything. Please read the FAQ. If you are going to do something like pay child support online, you want to understand how everything works before you jump into anything.

Read about the fees. Yep, something that is more convenient is going to cost more than normal, but depending on how far you live from your CSEA department, you may spend the same amount in gas.

Items you will need

  • Credit or debit card
  • Child support case number and information


  • Call your local CSEA and find out how long it is until they receive this payment. It's usually 7 to 10 days, but its better to be sure.
  • ACH is free unless you live in any of the nine states you'll find in the Fees section. The fees are all under $1.


  • Using a credit card costs around $12 to $16.