Party Invitation Wording Ideas

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An invitation is crucial for spreading the word about your upcoming party. Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, graduation, baby shower, wedding shower, retirement party or a holiday party, getting the wording just right will let the guests know what to expect at the party and what the mood and activities are likely to be.

Always include the event, the person being honored, the date, the time, the location, the host (if different) and the RSVP information. Beyond those basics, there are plenty of ways to vary the wording on the invitation to give guests a taste of what is to come.

Themed Wording

If the party has a strong theme, you can make a real impact by writing the invitation to reflect it. For example, a birthday party with a pirate theme might incorporate pirate talk, such as “Ahoy, matey! Come celebrate with Captain Will on June 22nd.” Another example might be a child’s garden tea party using phrases like, “It would be Tea-lightful if you would join us on June 22nd for a Garden Party.”

Holiday parties offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate the theme into wording on the invitation. For example, a Halloween party invitation might read, “All ghosts and goblins are invited to this Haunted House on October 22nd for a monstrously good time."

Formal Wording

Usually reserved for extremely formal parties, such as a wedding reception or a black-tie event, formal invitation wording follows strict rules. While the invitation still delivers the critical information about time and place, the approach to how to write that information differs.

For example, in formal party invitations, time is spelled out ("four o’clock in the afternoon," not "4:00 p.m."); dates are spelled out ("Tuesday, the twenty-second of June"); and the names of the host and guests are always in third person (“Mr. and Mrs. John Smith invite…” instead of “We invite…"). There are also punctuation rules for formal invitations, such as capitalizing the first letter of every line.

Verse Wording

You don’t have to be a poet to include the invitation information in a clever verse. For example, a graduation invitation could read, “Every yesterday is a memory of dreams./ Every tomorrow is a vision of hope./ With great joy and pride/ (parent’s names) announce the graduation/ of their (son/daughter, graduate’s name) from (school/college/university name)/ on (date) at (time, location)."

A baby shower or bridal shower invitation is another place where a verse can be used in an invitation. For example, a baby shower invitation for twins might read, "Double the diapers/ and double the toys./ Let's help (parents' names)/ prepare for twin boys./ It's a baby shower (date, time, location)."