Party Favor Ideas for an 8-Year-Old

Alistair Berg/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When you host a kid's party, it's nice to send all the children home with a small favor as a "thank you" for attending the party and maybe even bringing a gift. Eight-year-old children enjoy a broad spectrum of things, so there are lots of possibilities when you start planning. Young children are less concerned with the quality of items than with the quantity, so you can get away with purchasing a variety of toys and candies at a local dollar store.


Let the kids create their own party favors. Purchase white T-shirts for each child, in a size that you know will fit. Set up a table with lots of different decorating materials, such as fabric paint, sequins, beads and buttons. Give each child a T-shirt, along with a piece of cardboard that will fit into the shirt so that their paint, glue or other decoration does not bleed through to the other side. The kids can write anything they want on their T-shirt, or can use fabric glue to create a pattern with the other decoration items.

Jar Mixes

Use mason jars as the base for this party favor. Fill each mason jar with items an 8-year-old will enjoy. For example, fill the jars with the dry ingredients needed to make the cookies or brownies that you served at the party. Tie a ribbon around the jar and attach the recipe to the ribbon. That way, the child can make the sweets with her mom once she gets home. You could also fill a mason jar with other things, such as bath salts or a drink mix.

Modeling Clay

Buy a large amount of modeling clay and break off a ball to give to each child. Place the modeling clay in a small plastic container and place it in the favor bag. Along with the modeling clay, add a small rolling pin so that the child can roll the clay out flat. Then, include a cookie cutter he can use to cut shapes in the clay. If your party has a theme, give corresponding cookie cutters. For example, if you are throwing a princess party, give a tiara cookie cutter. For an animal-themed party, give a cookie cutter shaped like your child's favorite animal.


Give a favor that matches the theme of the party. For example, if you are throwing a pool party, give each child an inflatable float, beach ball, beach towel or pair of flip flops. For a slumber party, give the children a monogrammed throw blanket or a book to read before going to bed. Maybe you are throwing a carnival party; in that case, assemble a party favor bag with typical carnival items, such as small plastic toys, stuffed animals and candy.