Pantyhose Wearing Guide

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Pantyhose, like other style staples, have evolved over the course of several years; in fact, this type of legwear is the result of the fusion of stockings, which are clipped onto a garter, and underwear. The changes that pantyhose have undergone have produced an abundance of color choices and style options, but with consideration of a few key categories, sporting pantyhose can be a piece of cake.

Color Me Correct

Choose the right color of pantyhose. If you're going for a nude look, make sure your pantyhose matches your skin tone exactly; if not, your legs can look orange or pasty. If you miss the mark, err on the side of darkness; wearing pantyhose that are a shade or two darker than your skin tone is better than going too light. Steer clear of white pantyhose altogether, as it makes legs look wider (and gives them a pasty look).

Fit Facts

Be sure to buy your pantyhose in the proper size; a size chart is usually printed on the back of the packaging. Worn too tight, pantyhose can feel uncomfortably tight; it an also create a "muffin top" or roll of skin at your midsection. Worn too loose, the crotch can hang between your thighs, and the hose can gather and sag around your legs. Pantyhose should fit snugly for the sleekest look.

Haute Hose

Pairing pantyhose with open-toed or open-backed shoes is a look that's here to stay, but try this trend with caution. Avoid showing the seams of your pantyhose; go for toeless or seamless hose if sporting shoes that show skin at the heel or toe. Pair colorful hose with a neutral shoe for a safe yet stylish bet. Matching pantyhose to your shoes is also an easy, chic look. Make an even bigger style splash by wearing pantyhose and shoes in colors that are next to each other on the color wheel; blue pantyhose with green heels, for example, or purple hose with red pumps.

Pantyhose Problems

Pantyhose may look just right, but wearing them can sometimes go wrong. Be careful when pulling your pantyhose on; pulling too tightly can cause too much stretching, which leads to sagging hose. Pantyhose are thinner and more fragile than tights or leggings (though the terms are commonly used interchangeably), so they snag relatively easily. Clear nail polish makes an quick, easy fix; carry a bottle with you in your purse in case you notice a snag while you're out, and dab it over any holes to keep them from getting larger.