How to Overcome a Failed Romantic Relationship

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Recovering from a breakup can be painful, but it does happen over time. In order to move forward, you should participate in activities you enjoy, such as photography or exercising. Reconnecting with old classmates or friends can also help you feel better. It is important not to obsess about the breakup or the reasons behind it, but rather to acknowledge your feelings and begin the process of moving forward emotionally.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

When a relationship ends, it is normal to feel sad, lonely or physically exhausted. There are factors that influence the intensity of these feelings, according to "Getting Over a Relationship After Breakup or Divorce," published on the Professional Counseling website. The site says these factors include both length and intensity of the relationship along with the way the break-up occurred and how recently the partnership ended. The site recommends writing in a journal as a way of identifying and starting to resolve feelings during this time.

Establish a Support System

Someone going through a divorce or breakup may feel emotions similar to those associated with grieving a death. There are many thoughts and feelings occurring all at once. Establishing a support system can help you begin to resolve your feelings, according to the article "7 Steps To Overcome Your Divorce" by Debra Warner, licensed therapist. Warner recommends seeking spiritual guidance, leaning on family for support or joining a support group. Furthermore, Warner says a support system helps you deal with grief and move on from the relationship.

Cutting the Cord

Part of the reason breakups are painful involves emotional attachment to your partner. Romantic relationships are especially difficult to detach from, according to the "Psychology Today" article "How to Get Over an Ex" by Samantha Joel. Joel says the reason these relationships are hard to detach from is they tend to be the most intimate, closest relationships in life. She recommends spending more time with parents or siblings, getting together with close friends or even casually venturing back into the dating world. However, Joel warns against getting back into another relationship before you are emotionally healed from the breakup.

Hold Yourself in High Esteem

Romantic partners usually contribute to each other's self-esteem through compliments or displays of affection. Part of the fun of being in a relationship is having a partner to lift you up emotionally. A breakup can create feelings of inadequacy and lower self-esteem, according to the article "How to Overcome Rejection in Romantic Love" by Offra Gerstein, personal and relationship psychologist. Gerstein recommends regaining your self-esteem by recalling past successes, finding qualities in yourself that you are proud of and looking to family and friends to support.