Over the Hill Party Ideas

Over-the-hill parties are perfect opportunities to joke and have fun at someone else's expense--namely the birthday guest of honor. It's imperative, however, that this poking fun is done in a lighthearted and good natured way, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. There are a number of fun ideas for an over-the-hill party that are sure to make you, your party guests and most especially the guest of honor double over with laughter.

Better in Black

Since black is for mourning, many over-the-hill parties use black items as decorations. Black balloons, black flowers and even black foods are all utilized for these birthday celebrations. Your local party store will have an ample supply of black balloons, but if you're considering ordering black flowers you'll need to give your local florist a few days' notice, because the flowers will need to be dyed.

Black foods may include caviar, black beans, black olives and a variety of foods make with very dark chocolate.

Fun with Aging

As we age, our bodies take on some not-so-attractive attributes, and some of our working functions tend to wane or cease completely. Over-the-hill parties like to capitalize on these facets, and typically do so with humorous flair. A package of urinary incontinence underpants or pads is a popular option and can be purchased in most any grocery, drug or department store.

Wind-up false teeth are available in joke and party supply stores and make lighthearted accessories at over-the-hill parties. Fake bottles of medicines like laxatives, fiber pills and even sexual enhancers like Viagra are also fun accoutrements, and are available at joke or party stores, or may be created by hand.

Decorating an inexpensive cane (available second hand in many thrift shops) is a fun way to enhance an over-the-hill party. It may be decorated with black crepe paper, balloons and even obscure items like a fart machine (available in joke gift stores).

Let 'em Eat Cake!

The cake is always a central part of any party and especially so with an over-the-hill party. Do a play on words with a cake shaped like a hill with a male or female scrambling to keep from falling off it.

You may also decorate a frosted cake with a variety of over-the-hill items like a rocking chair, a giant ear (to represent a hearing aid or being hard of hearing), a walker or plastic false teeth.

One additional cake decorating idea for an over-the-hill party is to design a rectangular sheet cake to look like an AARP card. Contact a bakery and ask if they do photo transfers onto cakes. This will allow the AARP card to be personalized with a photo of the guest of honor.