Over-the-Hill Party Food Ideas

Milestone birthdays, such as a 40th, 50th or 60th, can be celebrated with an over-the-hill party. Depending on the personality of the honoree, you can throw a party with a humorous or sentimental theme. Be aware that some celebrants may be sensitive to the prospect of aging. Over-the-hill party food ideas can range from comically labeled beverages to quirky party favors; however, the cake remains the centerpiece.


A cake that is typically made for over-the-hill parties is shaped like a tombstone. Bake a rectangular cake and carve one end so that it is rounded. Blend white and black frosting to produce grey icing for the stone, and use only the black icing as trim. Write “RIP” or an epitaph, such as “Only the Good Die Young,” with frosting. Extend this theme for a large cake by creating a graveyard dotted with tombstones. Use green frosting to simulate grass and cardboard cut-outs or candy to create memorial markers.

Alternatively, apply green frosting to two or three round cakes that have been molded and shaved into the shape of a hill. Pipe a contrasting color to write the words “Over the Hill.”

Another option is the “Caution: Old Zone” cake, which is decorated with traffic signs that read “Stop, Nap, Shuffle” or “Danger: Failing Body Parts,” as suggestef on the MadeMan website. Trim the cake with black and white frosting to simulate caution tape.

Finger Foods

Serve trays of seedless grapes without stems and add a corresponding label that reads, “Loose Marbles.” Wedge a slab of colored cream cheese, which resembles denture cream, in a set of plastic teeth and surround it with crackers. Consider the various physical impediments of senility and improvise foods with humorous labels. If you’ve selected a dark theme to correspond to the tombstone cake, serve “black” foods, such as olives, caviar and licorice sticks.


Mix a large fruit punch bowl and add signage: “The Fountain of Youth.” Use hospital trays to hand out shots of prune juice. Offer strawberry milkshakes that come in large Pepto-Bismol bottles. Dot the room with pocket-sized apple juice boxes.

Party Favors

Send guests home with miniature bags filled with dates and prunes or M&M bags that have been refurbished with new labels, such as “energizers,” “anti-wrinklers” or “hair stimulants.” Party favors can also include bags of cookies that have been adorned with the number of the celebrant’s age, or sweets with customized wrap.