How to Get Over Your Girlfriend Leaving You for Another Guy

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Getting over an ex-girlfriend can be a difficult and trying process for any man to deal with. Moving on from all of the past memories or trips you two might have made can be hard, especially if your ex dumped you for another man. However, all things are possible with time, and with help, you can start working towards moving on with your life and maybe even finding a new girlfriend.

Don't let your ex-girlfriend be the only "perfect" woman in your mind. It's easy to believe in the good qualities after you've broken up; remember the bad times so as to keep your mind off liking her again.

View yourself as an interesting person others would like to be with. Look yourself in the mirror, and notice the good features about yourself. Think of the interesting things about your life. Begin looking at yourself as nice, and soon others will look at you as a nice person too.

Work out to make yourself feel better, meet new people and take care of yourself. Working out sends messages to your brain that lets you know you're taking care of yourself, and boosts your self-confidence. This is vital to meeting other potential girlfriends.

Don't visit places that your ex-girlfriend and her new guy may be around. If you two had a "special" place, don't go back there. An awkward bumping-into is exactly what you want to avoid.

Seek counseling or therapy if you're having an especially hard time over your ex-girlfriend. Men tend to cope with their feelings by themselves, and often it's good just to get it off of your chest to a therapist.

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