How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

by braniac

Getting over an ex boyfriend can be tough, but here's how to give him a metaphorical kick in the balls.

Gain confidence in yourself.

Many women don't have enough confidence to stand in a room without a man by their side. You can create confidence in yourself by doing things by yourself. Start small by taking a book or your laptop to the coffee shop to read alone, and work up to taking classes by yourself.

Invest in your hobbies.

All women have passion for something. Now is the time to think of your ex boyfriend like cutting a ball and chain loose. Now you can take piano lessons, or go to the gym without missing a workout because of mister lame-o.

Discover new interests.

Now is the time to explore while you aren't tied into a relationship. Go rock climbing, join a book club, volunteer - do whatever you want to do. If you ever wanted to do something, now is the time to get out there and make it happen. This is also a great way to meet new people.

Get a makeover.

Come on, you know you want a makeover. Change your hair cut, go for a new color, update your wardrobe, change your makeup. All of these things can quickly make you look like a new person, even if you don't feel it yet. You could also dedicate yourself to a longer term makeover by hiring a personal trainer and getting a hot body.

Improve your career.

Changing jobs or asking for a raise can be tough, but now is the time to be bold. Take night classes or shop around your resume to improve your position. Women often don't make as much as men because they aren't aggressive enough in the negotiation process. Know what you're worth and make it happen.

All of these things will help make you a better person, and could also get you involved in things you love. When you're busy doing what you love, there's no need to stress about boyfriends, old or new. When the time comes, love will find you.

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