Outfits That Go With Tall Brown Boots for Women

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tall brown boots look amazing in boutique windows and even more incredible sitting on the floor of your room, waiting for their first wear. However, when you try them on with a few outfits, you may find yourself looking too equestrian or simply not achieving a look that's quite as chic as you had initially envisioned. Never fear: this versatile footwear is simple to style. Take a stroll through some modern outfit ideas for a solid first step into tall boots.

Simple and Classic

Adding a pair of tall brown boots to an ensemble can lend an instantly classic edge when you pull together the right separates. Start with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, which can be tucked into your boots. Next, pull on a chunky knit turtleneck sweater in a dark hue, such as chocolate brown or wine. In cooler weather, add a brown tweed topcoat. A classic three-quarter length coat with silver or gold buttons is perfect. As for the key piece, select a pair of medium to dark brown leather boots with medium-height chunky heels and a streamlined silhouette. In other words, you don't want boots with extra ornamentation, like buckles, for this look.

Sophisticated Sleek

Particularly when it's cold outside, a pair of tall boots may help keep your legs warm when you're dressing up. Whether you're on your way to the office or a dinner party, choose a pair of deep, saturated brown boots in suede for a luxe look. Create a cohesive look with a brown, cream, or red fitted dress that hits just above your knees, such as a shift or sweater dress with long sleeves. For apple-shaped figures, look for a silhouette that follows your curves without clinging too tightly. Slide your legs into sheer, dark brown tights and you're almost done. Top your ensemble with a cropped leather jacket to maintain balanced proportions - a coordinating hue of brown or cream will work well. For work, gravitate toward a blazer-style jacket. For play, a moto-style jacket works wonders.

Feminine Edge

Some brown tall boots are a bit rough-and-tumble, so you can easily pull together a feminine cool outfit with a slightly edgy finish by choosing girly pieces and the right pair of boots. Start with flat, streamlined leather boots, with distressed or oiled detailing and a buckle or two for a more playful finish. During fall weather, pull on a silky blouse with feminine details, such as a round neckline and poet's sleeves. Go for rich colors, like sapphire blue or toffee brown. Pull on a neutral-colored skirt that hits a couple inches above your knees -- think deep navy. In cooler weather, swap out the blouse for a similarly hued crew-neck sweater that hits at the waist, and add sheer brown tights -- or burgundy if you're feeling playful.

Urban Chic

True, your friends may tell you not to mix your brown tall boots with black pieces. However, it is a rule where there are definitely occasions in which breaking it is acceptable. For an instantly chic urban look, choose with tall brown leather boots with lace-up, stud, or buckle detailing for extra visual interest. You will want an all-black palette and mixed textures. Throw on an oversize black cashmere sweater with distressed black skinny jeans and your boots. Or, pull on a black long-sleeve minidress in layered chiffon over black leggings or opaque tights. Either look is complimented by a black leather moto-style jacket or a black trench coat.