Outfits to Attract the Attention of Men

by Pamela VanderWerf

While baggy sweats and faded tees are fine for hanging around the house, dressing for the object of your affection deserves a bit more time and effort. Remember, men are visual creatures, so while you may possess a brilliant mind, warm heart and the soul of a poet, spending some time on your outfits is sure to be appreciated.


There’s no denying that we are all judged by the way we look, and that men judge women by the way they dress and present themselves. Whether classic, trendy, bohemian or cutting edge, almost any outfit can be altered to add appeal to the opposite sex. Begin by defining your personal style and then add flirty, feminine touches. If you wear business suits in the workplace, consider replacing that cotton blouse with a silk camisole edged with pretty lace to peek out at the neckline. Swap the trousers for a fitted pencil skirt and add high heels for a gorgeous, leggy silhouette.


Knowing your shape and the silhouettes that are the most flattering is essential for building a classy and stylish wardrobe. Dress to show off your best features and employ the gentle art of camouflage where required. A V-neck wrap dress can show off your bustline while providing a forgiving drape to the hips. Shapewear can give every tush a lift that gets noticed and will smooth unsightly bumps. Men also appreciate a woman’s less obvious physical attributes. If you have a lovely neck, choose a delicate gold necklace to draw attention to your collarbone. Shapely ankles can be set off with stylish stilettos, and well-defined shoulders can enhance a halter top.

Subtle Seduction

When striving for a classy, stylish note, remember that the hint of sexuality is more powerful than blatantly putting the goods on display. It’s not necessary to reveal too much cleavage or acres of leg to look attractive. An understated jersey dress with a soft drape can be far more intriguing than a skin-tight bandage mini. Texture and fabric also play a role. Look for soft, touchable fabrics and feminine prints and cuts. Subdued sensuality trumps overexposure.

Head-to-Toe Style

The right accessories can bring further style and impact to an outfit. A soft pashmina draped over bare shoulders or a silky scarf tied at the throat can complete that special look he's sure to love. And don’t forget about hair and makeup, further opportunities to accessorize your overall presentation. Men love hair they can touch and tend to prefer a natural makeup look, so use a light hand when applying cosmetics. With body conscious contours and a few well-chosen accessories, your outfit will attract his attention and hold his focus.



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