About One-Year Wedding Anniversaries

by Tamsen Butler

One-year wedding anniversaries are particularly special for many reasons. Couples are still considered newlyweds when this anniversary rolls around and this is the first anniversary that couples can celebrate as a married couple. Completing the first year of marriage is definitely cause for celebration.

Time Frame

A one-year wedding anniversary is celebrated exactly one year from the date the couple was officially married. In some instances the time frame for celebration may be different. Some couples have a couple of different wedding ceremonies, such as a civil ceremony and a church ceremony, so couples must decide which anniversary to actually celebrate. Of course, a couple can celebrate both if they want to. In some cases, couples must celebrate on a day different than the actual anniversary because of work obligations. The general time frame, however, calls for a celebration at some point on or near the actual anniversary.

The Facts

The traditional gift for a first wedding year anniversary is paper, although not every couple follows this tradition. A more updated version of appropriate gifts calls for clocks to be the first anniversary gift. According to tradition, the first year anniversary is also when the couple is supposed to pull the top tier of their wedding cake out of the freezer and eat it, although not all couples indulge in this practice.


The first wedding anniversary is a significant event because it celebrates the fact that the couple is still together after the first year of adjustments to married life. Not all married couples make it to their first year anniversary, so the couples who do make it to this point happily should celebrate the anniversary. The majority of first-time married couples are without a child at this point, too, making it much easier to plan a romantic celebration without children in tow.


Reaching the first wedding anniversary means that the married couple has weathered the adjustments to married life so far. The benefit to celebrating this event is the recognition of a couple's love as well as their resolve to stay together as a married couple. A romantic anniversary celebration can bring a couple even closer, which is a huge benefit to any married couple. The biggest benefit of reaching a first year wedding anniversary, however, is the fact that two people still choose to be together.

History of

The practice of giving a specific gift for a first-year wedding anniversary is said to have originated in Germany. First year anniversaries have always been considered significant throughout history. Before the complete list of traditional anniversary gifts was officially recognized in the late 1930s, paper was already recognized as the official gift for a first-year anniversary.

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