Oil & Vinegar Lice Treatment

Head lice are a contagious pest easily passed between people via to head to head contact or from the sharing of items such as hair brushes, hats, and pillows. There are natural remedies available to remove lice and their nits.

Oil Treatment

Saturate hair with olive oil to the roots. Put on a shower cap and leave overnight to kill lice. Shampoo hair in the morning to remove the oil.

Vinegar Treatment

To loosen the eggs from the hair shaft, saturate hair with vinegar. Cover the hair with a shower cap and wear for at least an hour before shampooing out of hair.

Removing Nits (Eggs)

Take a nit comb and comb through small sections of hair from the roots to tip. This removes dead lice and their nits.

House Treatment

There are household items that must be treated in conjunction with the treatment of lice on the head. In hot water, wash clothing and bedding before drying on high heat for at least 20 minutes. Carpets and furniture should be vacuumed. Hair accessories like brushes and headbands should be soaked in rubbing alcohol for at least an hour, washed in hot water, or replaced.

Lice Reinfestation

Lice are persistent and can be difficult to fully eradicate. If they come back, it may be because all nits were not removed or there has been contact again to the individual with lice. Repeat the steps above as needed until lice-free.