November Wedding Ideas

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Spring and summer may be the most popular seasons for weddings, yet fall is no less beautiful and lends itself to an elegant affair. Though the days might get colder as the month of November progresses, there are many ways to create a warm, inviting setting for your marriage celebration.

Celebrate Indoors or Outdoors

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A historic inn or restaurant will lend old world charm to a November wedding reception. Guests can sit near the fireplace and chat while they wait for you and your new spouse to make your entrance. Other venue options include vineyards and orchards, which you should consider if you want to incorporate nature into your wedding. In some areas, the foliage might be past its peak by November, but the structure of apple trees or grape vines can nonetheless make a lovely backdrop.

Autumn Blooms

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Autumn is known for its rich colors, so choose flowers in shades of red, burgundy, orange and yellow. Mums or sunflowers are dramatic and seasonal. Berries, yarrow and even small branches of leaves will round out a bouquet without straying from the theme. Centerpieces might be tall vases filled with shafts of wheat and feathers, bowls of gourds or hollowed-out pumpkins filled with ivy and flowers.

In-Season Fashion

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Depending on whether your wedding is scheduled for early or late November, the weather might still be little warm or downright chilly. If the bride's gown and bridesmaids' dresses are sleeveless or short-sleeved, a capelet or shawl that can be easily removed is a must -- especially if you envision taking photos outdoors. Shades of brown, cream, burgundy, plum and other earth or jewel tones are good color choices for bridesmaids' dresses. For a warm, rich look, choose gold jewelry.

A Fall Feast

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If you plan to serve a full meal at your reception, a turkey dinner is certainly the most traditional option for November. Alternatives include pot roast or pork loin, which go well with hearty sides like mashed potatoes, turnips and stuffing. A cream soup such as butternut squash makes an excellent starter, while salads can include nuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, diced apples and cranberries for a fall touch. If you are serving a dessert in addition to your wedding cake, seasonal classics such as apple crisp or pumpkin pie are sure to please. When choosing the flavor for your wedding cake, consider carrot cake or spice cake to evoke the season.

Seasonal Souvenir

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Sending your guests home with a little treat is optional, but always a nice touch. Votive candles are popular wedding favors; choose a scent such as vanilla or pumpkin to be consistent with the autumn theme. Miniature bottles of maple syrup, small packages of candied nuts or caramel apples also make appropriate favors.