Novelty Graduation Gift Ideas for a Massage Therapist

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If you have a friend who is approaching graduation from a massage therapy school, give her a gift that embodies your pride and sentiments for the future. You can be creative as you interpret this gift. Keep in mind that you can purchase gifts that will be useful for your friend on his first day of work with clients. Know ahead of time the materials and resources your friend already has purchased to be used at work.

Embroidered Towels

Purchase a trio of embroidered terry cloth or cotton dish towels for your friend to use while working with clients. A massage therapist can use a terry cloth towel to wipe his hands that are slicked with lotion, to cover a client's face for a steam facial and to make a "pillow" for a client's head. You can have the towels embroidered with your friend's monogram or a creative saying related to massage therapy. An example is the following: "Massage Therapist Wisdom: Life is Too Short to Get Stressed!"

Basket of Oils and Lotions

Fill a decorative basket with a collection of body oils and lotions in a variety of fragrances. Aim for natural oils and lotions, as these compliment one of the goals of a massage therapist, which is to help a person relax naturally. You can purchase these oils and lotions from an online vendor or store that carries natural products. Consider purchasing aromatherapy products as well, which can aid in relaxation and even sleep. Assemble the oils and lotions in a recycled basket. If your budget allows, you can also get the embroidered towels and nestle them into this basket.

Candle/Music Collection

Help your friend create a relaxing environment for massage therapy sessions by giving her a candle collection. Select a trio of wide-based candles that are natural and come in different fragrances. Your friend can let a client choose what scent of candle she would like. Pair the candle collection with a CD compilation of relaxing music, such as the recordings of waves crashing, wind blowing, birds singing, and rain falling.