New Year's Eve Makeup Tutorial

by Lilly Wallace ; Updated September 28, 2017

New Year's Eve is the perfect occasion to wear a more glamorous makeup look. A bold lip, false lashes, and even a little glitter are all great ways to add a festive touch to your look. Follow these tips to create a glittery, sophisticated makeup look perfect for ringing in the New Year.

Start with the Eyes

Since this makeup look features bold eyeshadow colors and glitter, it is best to start with the eye makeup, and then move to the face makeup. That way, if you experience any fallout with eyeshadow powder or glitter, you can simply use makeup remover to clean up the fallout without ruining your face makeup.

Apply an eyeshadow primer to the eyelid. You may apply it with your ring finger (which is the weakest finger, and therefore the most gentle for taping products around your eyes) or you may use a brush. An eyeshadow primer helps the eye makeup stay on for many hours without budging.

Begin by applying the matte ivory eyeshadow all over the lid up to the brow bone, which creates an even base for the eye look. Then apply the medium brown in the crease to add definition.

Apply dark eyeshadow shade to the lid, elongating the other corner slightly. Then, with a black eyeliner pencil, line the upper lid. Make sure to get in between the lash roots, which gives the appearance of fuller lashes.

With a clean blending brush, soften the edges where you applied the eyeshadows.

Apply the Glitter

Pour a small amount of glue onto a clean surface. Dip a clean eyeshadow brush or a silicone glitter applicator into the glue and then into the glitter, and pat it on the eye lid. You may pat it only on the center lightly for a softer effect, or all over the lid where you applied the dark eyeshadow for a dramatic effect.

Curl your eyelashes and apply a few coats of mascara until your lashes are voluminous and dark.

Apply Face Makeup

Clean any eyeshadow/glitter fallouts from your face using a makeup-removing wipe.

Apply a thin layer of face primer, then proceed with applying your foundation to even out your skin tone. If extra coverage is needed, (if you still have redness after the first layer of foundation) apply extra foundation only where extra coverage is needed. Apply under eye concealer to brighten the under eye area, and then set your face makeup with powder.

Define Your Brows

Fill in any gaps in your eyebrows to make them look fuller, keeping a light hand.

Enhance Your Cheeks

Apply bronzer under the cheekbones, on the sides of the face, and on the temples to warm up your complexion and enhance your face structure.

Define Your Lips

Define your lips with a nude lip liner and fill them in. If your lips are uneven, follow the tutorial on how to make your lips appear fuller. Then apply a nude lipstick.

Set the Look

Mist your face with makeup setting spray to set your makeup and give it a dewy but non-greasy finish.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv

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