Neck Exercises to Reduce Sagging Skin on Neck

Sagging skin around your neck is one of the first signs of aging. It may also be a result of sun damage to your neck's thin and delicate skin. Another culprit is a lack of muscle tone in the area. In this case, working the neck muscles, which are connected to your jaw and face, can help reduce the sagging. However, use caution if you've had a neck injury.

Tilt Your Head

This exercise targets the front of the neck, which is normally the first part to sag. Tilt your head all the way back and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Then bring your chin down to your neck with your tongue still in place. Repeat.

Close Your Mouth

Keep your mouth closed and your teeth together and press your tongue against your bottom teeth. Slowly increase pressure to a count of 10. At the same time, press your fingers into the hollow of your neck for resistance. Hold for six counts, then release.

Use Your Lips

Poke your lower lip out as far as you can and with your fingers on your collarbone, point your chin as high as you can. Pull the corners of your lips down as far as you can. Hold and repeat.

Lift Your Head

Lie down on the floor and put your hands on either side of your neck. Using the muscles of the front of your neck, lift your head off the ground. Repeat 30 times. Next, place your hands at your sides on the floor and do the same exercise. This will be more difficult, so work up to 30 repetitions.