Naughty-Girl Party Refreshment Ideas

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Naughty girls' parties are held for a variety of reasons, such as alternatives to bachelorette parties or divorce celebrations. Regardless of the reason, getting a group of women together to celebrate being sexy offers a fun way to spend time with friends. Keeping the naughty theme going throughout the party involves making sure refreshments are in line with the overall mood of the get-together.

Themed Appetizers

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Think hot and spicy with seductive names. Appetizers should include both hot and cold hors d'oeuvres. Offer up hot wings and buffalo chicken dip to provide guests with a spicy way to satisfy their appetites. For seductive-looking and saucy-sounding foods that are subtly naughty yet not vulgar, try sliced rump roast served on toast points, Swedish meatballs and hot beef dip, which all pass as savory treats with naughty-sounding names.

Mouth-Watering Munchies

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A party requires bowls of ready-to-grab snacks sitting around. Keep with the theme of the party by opting for items that are sweet or hot. A bowl of chocolate candy shaped like hearts or kisses illustrates the sweet side of things. Spicy peanuts and wasabi-coated peas or nuts bring the heat. Use suggestively shaped items for munchies, such as pretzel rods, to keep everyone intrigued and in a jovial mood. Purchase cake pans or candy molds in naughty shapes to make your own party treats, or order the shaped treats from a specialty shop.

Delightful Desserts

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Desserts satisfy even the most salacious sweet tooth of a naughty party girl. Offer chocolates in provocative shapes and throw in some red-hot cinnamon candy to the mix of offerings as well. For the truly daring, make or have made a sinful, decadent chocolate cake shaped like something that fits in with the naughty theme. Cupcakes provide a canvas for adding a variety of sexy decorations to the top and can be made in an assortment of designs to evoke naughty thoughts.

Daring Drinks

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Drinks are where naughty girls get their thirsts quenched; serving up drinks with sexy names adds to the allure. Even the term "cocktail" causes some to blush. Favorites such as Sex on the Beach, Screwdrivers and Alabama Slammers are all traditional drinks that just happen to have sexy names. For the more adventurous and outgoing group of girls, nothing says you can't concoct your own drinks and give them sexy names.

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