Natural Ways to Stop Sweat

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Sweat, by definition, is the salty fluid released by your sweat glands, which serves as a reaction to your body’s high temperature. Sweating or perspiration is a highly essential body process because it helps keep your body cool. While sweating is beneficial to a person’s health, excessive sweating is potentially damaging to a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are natural ways to stop sweat.

Avoid Stressful Situations

Sweat is one of the initial reactions of a person’s nervous system when he is under stress. According to Mayo Clinic, a website dedicated to addressing all diseases, situations where a person feels anxiety and fear are the perfect triggers that will stimulate the aprocrine gland. The apocrine gland, a gland abundant in areas of a person’s body that contain hair follicles, is responsible for cooling the body under stressful situations. This gland secretes sweat and pushes it to the surface of a person’s skin through tubule contraction.

Avoiding people, places and situations that might trigger fear and anxiety can help stop sweat. Exercises that will help keep a person’s stress level in check like meditation and yoga can help control emotions during unavoidable situations that cause stress.

Diet Alteration

According to the study of Lee, T.S. (1954) Journal of Physiology, spicy foods are one of the primary culprits of a condition called gustatory sweating. Food and beverages that contain excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol also often cause sweating. Certain alterations in a person’s diet such as reducing the intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages are a simple, yet effective way of stopping sweat.

Wardrobe Update

According to Energy, Entropy and Everything, a study conducted by the Physics Department of the Weber State University, dark, heavy clothing causes sweat, especially during the hot season. This is because dark colors absorb long wavelengths of light. A wardrobe update may be necessary to make room for light, breezy clothing made of cotton and linen. Apart from the fact that light-colored clothing reflects all wavelengths of light, the materials used to make this type of clothing contain natural fibers that help absorb sweat.

Cool Environment

According to Extreme Heat: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety, a guide released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when a person stays in a very hot, humid room, her body slowly adjusts to the room’s temperature. This adjustment process could trigger sweating. A room equipped with air-conditioning is advisable for people who want to stop sweat during a hot season. In instances where staying in a cool environment is not permissible, a person should restrict movement until her body fully adjusts to the room’s temperature.

Water Intake

An nearly effortless way of helping stop sweat is an increase in water intake. A heat guide from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that something as simple as cold water will help cool the body. The ideal water intake that will prevent the body from overheating during a hot day, especially when exercising, is two to four glasses of water every hour. However, if your water intake is limited for medical reasons, check with your doctor before attempting to reduce sweat in this manner.