Nair Hair Removal Problems

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The use of Nair products for hair removal come with both pros and cons. While they are a considerably less expensive option than permanent hair removal treatments, there are definite risks and considerations that should be taken into account before choosing Nair products for yourself. Here you will find common problems which may arise from using Nair hair removal products.


One unavoidable problem of using Nair hair removal lotion is its strong odor. This smell is amplified due to the product's burning effect on body hair and the uppermost layer of epidermal skin. The smell will remain even after the product is removed, prompting a non-vigorous bathing of the skin and thorough airing out of the room before the remaining odor will completely go away.


The application of Nair hair removal lotion can be extremely messy, even if you are careful to do so with caution. Accidentally spilling the product or allowing covered limbs to touch anything may also discolor whatever surface (clothing, carpeting, furniture) it comes into contact with.

Skin Sensitivity

Even if you do not have sensitive skin to begin with, the use of Nair hair removal products will at least temporarily increase the sensitivity of the skin anywhere it has been applied. This is due to the fact that this treatment has chemically exfoliated the skin in addition to removing hair.

Skin Burns

Although the risks of burning your skin are clearly outlined on each Nair product if abused, it is vital to consider that your skin may still have an adverse reaction even if the product has been properly used. Understand that using Nair hair removal products on particularly sensitive skin may be inherently problematic.


Because Nair hair removal products are not designed to permanently remove body hair, the cost of continually purchasing them will add up. Over the course of several years this expense may prove to be equal to or possibly more than permanent hair removal treatments.