Musical Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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A musical themed baby shower allows you to celebrate your passion for music, while at the same time preparing for a new addition to the family. Several simple ideas will help you transform your shower space in an affordable manner that still impresses your guests.

Invitation Ideas

Send out invitations with musical notes all over them, rather than the usual baby themed invitations. In addition to providing your guests the date and time of your party and requesting an RSVP, ask invitees to bring a CD to the party as a gift for the baby. Ask them to choose or make a CD that has sentimental value to them, or be their favorite performing artist, so that you can start out your child's music library with favorites from your loved ones.

Decor Ideas

Cover the walls with posters of your favorite recording artists or bands. Cut musical notes out of black construction paper and attach them to the walls and furniture. Play music in the background, making sure to select a broad range of musical genres that your guests will enjoy. Decorate the cake with icing-piped song lyrics, musical notes, or band names.

Game Ideas

Play a famous lullaby over the sound system, while your guests sit in a circle, passing around a wrapped gift. When the song ends, whoever is left holding the package gets to keep it. When this game is done, play a baby-themed game of "Name that Tune." Create a mix CD of tracks that have the word "baby" in the lyrics or the title. Some examples are "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes and "Baby One More Time" by Brittney Spears. Play only about five seconds of each track, asking guests to write down the name of each track as it is played. The guest that guesses the most songs correctly, wins.

Original Theater Musical Ideas

If you are a fan of musicals, you might pick a single favorite musical around which to base your baby shower. The Wizard of Oz is just one example that can provide myriad decorating and game-playing prompts. Put up a big sign that says, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Decorate the tops of your cupcakes like the yellow brick road, with a swirling gold or orange color winding into the center of the iced cupcake. Play the actual movie musical in the background at your party.