How to Move on From an Ex-Boyfriend

by Laura Jean Holton

A major setback in moving on from an ex-boyfriend is clinging to the false hope that you will get back together. If you can eliminate this stage, you will be able to recover much faster. The secret is to want to get over him. Stop moping, and take a proactive approach to moving past the relationship. There are a number of ways you can make recovering quicker and painless.

Prove to yourself that you're over him. Destroy, throw out and burn anything that calls him to mind. If you have difficulty getting rid of photographs of the two of you, you may still be hoping that he will come back.

Make alterations in your house, particularly in the bedroom, such as rearranging furniture. This will help you to forget him and to create a home in which you do not feel his presence.

Spend time with close friends and family, the people who have been with you through hard times in the past. They can provide you with memories from before the broken relationship.

Talk about your ex-boyfriend very little, and redirect your thoughts to a different subject when you realize you are thinking about him.

Dissociate yourself from your ex-boyfriend initially. Try to re-adapt your life to being without him.

Use your breakup to motivate you to succeed in life. Use your new freedom to grasp any opportunities that come your way, be they professional or personal.

Discuss your emotions about your relationship, and the possibility of friendship, with your ex-boyfriend when you both feel ready. Don't discuss new relationships, as this may cause heartache for both of you.

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