Moustache Wax Recipe

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Moustache wax is used by men to maintain a well-groomed appearance. It can be made at home for very little effort and works just as well as commercial formulas. This moustache wax recipe can be used to make as large or small a batch as desired, although small amounts are recommended. This wax will go a long way and can also be used to tame unruly eyebrows or other facial hair.

Ingredients and Equipment

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Homemade moustache wax is made from two very simple ingredients: coconut oil and beeswax. Both of these substances can be found in natural health stores and some craft and hobby stores. Grated beeswax or beeswax pearls work best. Otherwise, you’ll have to grate it yourself.

Equipment needed includes a double boiler and a shallow tub or jar for storage. If a double boiler is not available, you can use a large glass measuring cup placed into a pan of water.

Making Moustache Wax

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Combine one part coconut oil with one part grated beeswax in the top of the double boiler. Fill the bottom of the boiler about halfway with hot water. Place over medium-low heat and stir the mixture constantly until the wax has melted. The water in the bottom of the boiler should come to a gentle boil, but this may not be necessary if you’re using very little wax and oil.

Once the wax has melted, remove the double boiler from the heat. Pour the wax into a clean tub or jar and allow it to stand uncovered for 15 to 20 minutes. The moustache wax should be completely set after this time, and ready for use. Label with the contents and store in a cool, dry place for up to 90 days. Discard any unused portion after this time.

Using Moustache Wax

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Rub your finger lightly over the top of the wax. Avoid dipping your finger into the container, as too much wax can result in a greasy moustache. Instead, coat your fingertip lightly, and then apply to the moustache. Move your finger in the same direction as hair growth for the best result. Repeat as necessary, but no more than twice per day to prevent unsightly residue from forming.