Mom-Daughter Tattoo Ideas

by Naomi Vogel

Tattoos are permanent. Getting a matching or similar tattoo as mother and daughter will symbolize a permanent bond. There are a variety of ideas you can do when getting mother-daughter tattoos, but make sure whatever you decide on, it is something that is important to the both of you.

Shared Favorites

Get a tattoo of something you both love and admire. For example, according to "TV Guide," Emma Stone, star of "Easy A," got a tattoo of two bird feet with her mother as a symbol of the song "Blackbird" by The Beatles. They even got Paul McCartney to draw the tattoo. Even though your celebrity of choice will most likely not be able to draw the tattoo for you, getting a tattoo that symbolizes a shared favorite song, movie, animal, book or quote will create a special link between the two of you.

Tribal Art

If you can't think of any shared interests you can get a tribal art tattoo that symbolizes a mother and daughter. Get a tribal tattoo of a silhouette of a figure of a mother and daughter. You can add more tribal art such as a flower, vines or swirls. To individualize each tattoo you can switch up the colors or background design (See References 2).


Tattoos don't have to be pictures of designs. Instead you can get a word. You can choose a simple and to-the-point tattoo idea such as the mother getting "mother" tattooed on her wrist and the daughter getting "daughter" tattooed on her wrist. You can also choose words out of favorite lyrics or a quote. Religious mothers and daughters could choose words from religious texts to tattoo together. The mother could get one part of the song lyric or religious text tattooed and the daughter could get the finishing one. For example, if a mother and daughter chose Buddha's quote, "Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace," the mother could get, "Better than a thousand hollow words," and the daughter could get, "Is one word that brings peace."


Another idea is to get symbols of mothers and daughters or favorite symbols. You could get Chinese characters or Japanese Kanji for "Mother" and "Daughter." You could also get religious symbols that are important to the two of you, such as a cross, Star of David, pentacle, Celtic knot work or henna. You could even get a favorite shape, such as a star or heart.

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