Mom & Dad Date Night Ideas

by Karen Kleinschmidt

Finding the time for a date with your husband can seem daunting, but regardless of your budget, time constraints or ability to find a babysitter, there are creative, romantic, and inexpensive ways to enjoy the company of one another. Take turns planning your dates and make an effort to have every other date away from home and your daily responsibilities, says Redbook.

Speed Date

Time is often a factor when you are busy raising a family. Try getting up an hour or two before the kids and have breakfast together. Sit on your porch or deck and watch the sunrise together if the weather cooperates. Other options include meeting for breakfast or lunch once a week if you work close to each other, making a standing phone date to reconnect once a week for a specified amount of time or meeting for a cocktail after work before heading home. While it may require reshuffling your calendar a bit, it will help to remind you both of the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

Dream Big

While you may be living on a tight budget with kids to raise, dreaming together can help to rekindle similar conversations to the ones the two of you had when you were first married says Redbook. Some ideas include visiting towns or neighborhoods where you have fantasized about living, touring model homes, test driving cars or basic window shopping. You'll likely be inspired to talk about a variety of things from future goals to where the two of you see each other living in the future or how to go about redecorating your current home. This will help to give your love a fresh perspective and can help to draw you closer together.

Around the World

Make a list of all the places the two of you would like to go. Nickelodeon's Parents Connect suggests trying out new restaurants and new nationalities in 80 date nights. For example, if your dream is to visit Ireland, find a local Irish pub or restaurant where you can immerse yourself in Irish food, drink and possibly some Irish step dancing. Follow this pattern for 80 dates and find out what tastes and textures you love and which you can do without.

No Babysitter Required

When the two of you need some alone time and finding a babysitter is impossible, try this alternative. After the kids are settled for the evening, pull out a bottle of wine and settle in your hammock in the backyard. If you don't have a hammock, snuggle up under a blanket on your deck or lawn. Spend the evening talking and stargazing or bring your laptop outside to watch a favorite movie or re-runs of your favorite shows. If the weather is less than ideal, bring it all inside and snuggle together on the couch or in bed.

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