Miss America Beauty Tips

The Miss America Beauty Pageant is considered one of the most popular beauty pageants in the world. The women who compete in the pageant are considered the pinnacles of beauty, grace and sophistication. While these women certainly need no assistance, they do use smart beauty tips to help enhance their natural assets.

Miss America Beauty Techniques

The biggest beauty secret Miss America contestants use is to aspire for perfection. While you can use beauty secrets to help make dull hair look shiny, you'll look even better if you make healthy hair look shiny. To look amazing, you need that full package in terms of health, beauty and proper styling. You also need the full package in terms of a finished and complete look. Every aspect of your appearance, from the tips of your hair to the cuticles on your fingers, should be clean, shaped and stylish.

Another Miss America beauty secret is to keep you hair and makeup natural. Avoid dark colors, severe lines and heavy cosmetics. You want to enhance your natural beauty, not pave over it with caked foundation and black eye shadow. Keep your foundation light so that your naturally healthy skin can shine through. Choose a blush hue that matches your natural colors. Use light eye shadows in hues that work with your eyes. Choose soft hairstyles that flatter your face.

Miss America Beauty Tips

When it comes to Miss America and beauty, the eyes are always a main focus point. Eye shadows in light hues help make the eyes seem wider and more startling. Though some subtle medium hues may be used for effect, your eye shadow should always remain on the light side. Make sure you curl each and every eyelash before applying any mascara to maximize length. It's smart to use false lashes for extra volume, but use natural looking lashes trimmed to a normal length to prevent that spider-legs effect.

Your smile, and thus your mouth, is the next priority when it comes to Miss America and beauty. You must have clean, straight, shining white teeth to create a powerful smile. However, constantly wearing that smile can sometimes be difficult. That's why many pageant contestants use a thin layer of petroleum jelly on their teeth. Spreading a light coating of the jelly across your teeth helps keep your lips from sticking when you have to smile repeatedly for long periods of time.

Proper hair care is another important part of basic pageant beauty. Your hair needs to be healthy from the inside, moisturized on the outside and trimmed regularly to prevent breakage. It's also important to wash your hair every other day instead of every day. Daily washing strips your hair dry, regardless of the products you're using. You need to give your hair time to absorb natural oils. By washing it every other day you're cutting the damaging caused by the cleansing process in half. This gives you the perfect balance between your hair looking good and your hair staying healthy.