Micro Bikini Styles


0:04 shopping for swimsuits shouldn't be a

0:07 nightmare hi I'm Meghan Laureen with I

0:09 hate heels and today we're at California

0:11 sunshine and Sea Girt New Jersey and

0:13 we'll be just discussing micro bikini

0:16 styles just like the name suggests the

0:19 micro bikini consists of two pieces the

0:22 top and bottom each are made of small

0:25 triangles of material it's designed to

0:26 cover only the bare essentials with

0:28 strings to hold everything together it

0:31 is sophisticated daring and sexy no

0:34 doubt inspired by our Sun Tanning needs

0:36 the micro bikini gives us a little cup

0:38 as little coverage as possible there are

0:41 a few different style options when

0:43 shopping for a micro bikini or micro

0:45 Keeney for short thongs and g-strings

0:47 are two types in which the material is

0:49 reduced to minimum in the back and

0:51 exposes most of your booty a more

0:54 popular style of a micro Keeney is the

0:56 Brazilian bikini bottom this cup offers

0:59 the least amount of coverage in the

1:01 bottom but consists of a bit more fabric

1:03 than a thong or g-string wood micro

1:06 bikinis are extremely skimpy and keep

1:08 the wear just within legal limits of

1:10 decency and fill a niche between nudists

1:13 home or conservative swimwear

1:20 you