Memento Ideas for an 80th Birthday Party

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An 80th birthday is a major cause for celebration. As the party's host, you will want the birthday honoree to feel special and loved. You’ll also want the guests to have a special memento from the party that will always remind them of the birthday octogenarian. Utilize creative ideas for party mementos that will have guests talking about your party for years to come.


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Treat the guest of honor to her favorite food. In addition to serving a favorite dish at the party, create a touching memento by printing the dish's recipe and a picture of the birthday octogenarian on special paper and laminating it. These recipe cards make great party favors and allow friends and family to make the dish in their own homes in honor of the birthday person.

Walk Down Memory Lane Memento

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Decorate the party in a “walk down memory lane” theme. Set up tables that represent each decade of the guest of honor’s life. As a memento, create a picture book with favorite photos of the person from each decade. Family members will treasure this tribute for generations to come.

Mixed CD

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Most people love to listen to music, so a mixed CD is a great party favor or memento for an 80th birthday party. You can put together a list of the birthday honoree’s favorite songs, or you can choose well-known songs from each decade of the person’s life. Be sure to include songs that are particularly memorable for the birthday octogenarian, such as his wedding song and any songs that remind him of his children.

Signed Photo

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You may want to give the guest of honor a special memento from the party. You can frame a beloved family photo and add a large blank mat around the photo. Before the honoree arrives, ask all of the guests to write a message to the birthday honoree in the space around the photo. The octogenarian will treasure the specially made photo. It will also make a great heirloom for her to pass on to her children.

Favorite Quotes

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If the guest of honor will know about the party, ask her to help create a special memento for the guests. Sit down with her before the party and ask her to recall her favorite mottos or quotes. Type her list of inspirational words, print them on cardstock and laminate the cards as party favors for the guests.