How to Meet Single Professionals

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When you have a career, you can get so wrapped up in work that your social life suffers. It may become difficult to find other single professionals with whom to date or go out. In a society that connects both electronically and face-to-face, you can use one of a variety of options to assist you in finding the right people to hang out with and date.

Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites are here to stay. According to Statistic Brain, in 2013, approximately 40 million of the more than 50 million single Americans have tried online dating sites. Dating sites allow you to peruse hundreds of profiles to look for someone to meet. According to a 2013 study from the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” individuals using online dating sites tend to be better educated, employed, and have a higher rate of marital success if they find a partner through the online dating service than those who meet through more traditional methods. However, you should consider that singles often lie on their profiles, according to a 2011 “New York Times” article by Stephanie Rosenbloom about online dating. In addition, in "Discovery News," Kate Prengaman reports that men tend not to read dating profiles. In a 2012 study published in “Psychological Science in the Public Interest,” research and associate professor of Social Psychology at Northwestern University, Dr. Eli Finkel, recommends that you use the online dating sites for access but at the same time realize that the matching algorithm might not be the best indicator of your match. He suggests you get offline and safely meet face-to-face as soon as you are comfortable.

Other Options

Other methods of online contact can help you meet professional singles who share your interests. Finkel’s study looks at various types of online contact, such as email, chat rooms, instant messaging, social networks and other online contacts. You can target your search to online groups that share your profession, hobby or another interest. If you are looking for a romantic partner or friend, you still have to weed out those who don’t match what you are looking for through email, instant messages or a face-to-face meeting. Stephanie Rosenbloom provides some suggestions for detecting those who aren’t being honest, such as limited use of first-person pronouns, use of negative words such as “not” and “never,” short profile descriptions and avoidance of negative emotion words like “sad” or “angry.”

Dating Services

In larger population areas, you can often find dating services catering to professionals, and many of them carry a hefty price tag to discourage those who aren’t successful professionals. Some organizations advertize that they do a series of background checks on prospective members to weed out would-be members with criminal backgrounds, credit issues and other undesirable traits. Activities sponsored by these groups can include sports activities, dinners, dances, speed dating and trips. Organizations sponsoring singles events include Successful Singles, Destined to Meet and Real Successful Singles.

Offline Networking

When you are single, someone in your circle of friends may offer to introduce you to a single friend. You might also meet a few singles at the office, church, school or a bar. According to Finkel, many American singles still meet friends through traditional venues, and sometimes it sparks romance. If you are looking for a mate, Finkel’s study notes meeting in school, church and social venues along with individuals who grew up together have higher marital success rates. People who met through work, bars, blind dates and family often had lower marital success.