How to Meet Single Men Without the Internet

by Elise Wile

Deception is rampant in the online dating world, according to a 2013 study published in "Computers in Human Behavior." Even if this was not so, finding a mate in the impersonal milieu of an online dating site just isn't right for everyone. Fortunately, it is still easy to find opportunities to meet single guys who aren't behind a computer screen.

Put the word out that you'd like to meet some nice guys. Your friends will almost certainly know a single man who is available and interested in meeting a new female friend. It can be uncomfortable being set up on a blind date, but the potential payoff is huge, since the men you meet through friends are more likely to share your background and values. You'll also have your friends' assurance that the guys you meet are indeed single.

Give your career a boost while you meet men. Sign up for a business conference or workshop in your hometown. You'll automatically have something in common with the men you meet, which makes conversation much easier. Just keep your eye on his left hand for signs of a wedding ring -- or lack thereof.

Walk your dog, or volunteer to walk your friend's dog. Men are often shy about approaching a woman out of the blue for fear of appearing to be a creeper, but walking up to a woman and asking what kind of dog she owns provides a socially acceptable opening. Take your dog on your morning walk to buy a paper, to the park or even to an outdoor cafe if permitted. Not only will you meet animal-loving guys, but you might make some new female friends as well.

Get involved in a cause dear to your heart. Be selective, though. You're likely to meet many more single men when you volunteer for a sustainable gardening project than you are working a bake sale to raise money for breast cancer or helping out at a nursing home.

Take your hobby to the next level. Perhaps your experience with your new SLR camera thus far has involved taking photographs of your cat lying around in cute poses. Meet a guy who shares your love of the lens by joining a photography group. You'll learn more about your hobby while getting to spend time with single guys who have the time to spend a Saturday afternoon taking photos of birds.

Go geek. Attend a Star Trek conference, Comic-Con or SWSX's interactive festival and you'll find that the ratio of guys to gals is decidedly slanted in your favor. For example, attendance at Comic-Con consists largely of guys ages 16 to 34, according to a July 2012 article in What's more, the youthful crowds ensure that at least some of the men you meet won't yet have tied the knot. If geekery is not your cup of tea, go to other events that have lots of guys in attendance, such as car or boat shows.

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