Meals to Make for Your Boyfriend

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Making meals for your boyfriend is a thoughtful gesture, but it can be intimidating. Meals that will impress him and that he will enjoy are the goals, but meals that are fairly simple to prepare are best so that you don't make simple mistakes in their preparation.

His Favorites

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Cooking your boyfriend's favorite meals ensures that he'll enjoy and appreciate them. A disadvantage, however, is the possibility that you'll mess up the recipes; he knows the meals well enough to notice differences in their preparation. When choosing what to cook, try to remember his favorite meals that you wouldn't have much trouble making. Common favorites are steak and potatoes, spaghetti, lasagna and fried chicken.

Quick-Fix Meals

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If you don't have much time but still want to make special meals for your boyfriend, then quick-fix meals may be the solution. Choose homemade meals that have a short list of ingredients as well as meals you can prepare before you want to serve them. Quick-fix meals are usually in the form of casseroles or made in a slow cooker.

Romantic Meals

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Romantic meals are an option if you cook for special occasions or just want to say "I love you" with your cooking. Meals can be made romantic by choosing more gourmet options, such as seafood, steak or a rich pasta dish. Pairing a meal with wine or champagne adds a romantic element as well. You also could prepare a dessert to share. A lit candle in the middle of the table sets the mood for a romantic dinner.

Inexpensive Meals

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Because ingredients can add up, inexpensive meals are beneficial when you want to cook nice meals for your boyfriend but need to watch your budget. Stick to a short list of common ingredients when planning inexpensive meals. Spaghetti and homemade pizza, for example, have fairly simple recipes and common, inexpensive ingredients.