Meals for a Low-Income Family

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Feeding a family can be very expensive. Low-income families have to be creative when planning meals for their family and buy items that are inexpensive. But there are a lot of option for low-income families looking for meal ideas.


Both jarred spaghetti sauce and packaged spaghetti noodles are inexpensive and you can create a relatively large meal with just these two ingredients. For a heartier meal, add some ground beef to the spaghetti sauce. Add a loaf of bread with some butter alongside the spaghetti. Canned vegetables such as green beans also make a good, inexpensive addition to a spaghetti dinner.

Macaroni and Cheese

Bulk up packaged macaroni and cheese by adding pieces of chicken, ham or bacon. Serve this family favorite with some bread and butter.

Crock Pot Meals

Choose a cheap cut of meat and slow-cook it in the crock pot. Meals of this type require only salt and pepper to spice them up. Pork, beef and chicken are options that can be cooked all day. You can also cut up inexpensive vegetables such as potatoes and carrots and add them to the crock pot. You will not only save money, but time by cooking the entire meal in one pot.


When in doubt, cook eggs. They are healthy and inexpensive, as well as versatile. Add vegetables and meat to make a healthy omelet. Add salsa and a little cheese to scrambled eggs and wrap them in a tortilla for a breakfast burrito that can be eaten all day. Eggs are nutritious and will satisfy an entire family for a minimal amount of money.