M*A*S*H* Decorating Ideas for a Party

Frank Rossoto Stocktrek/Digital Vision/Getty Images

M_A_S_H_ was an extremely popular, long-running television comedy-drama based on a 1970 movie of the same name. The action revolved around life in an army medical unit during the Korean War. According to PBS, the final episode of M_A_S_H_, broadcast in 1983, was the most-watched show in history. Decades later, M_A_S_H_ reruns are still broadcast almost every day of the week. For a true fan, a M_A_S_H_-themed party is bound to be great fun.

Mess Tent

Rent or buy a large tent, preferably a green, military-style one. If you purchase the tent, stencil it with the M_A_S_H_ logo in large, block letters. Place long tables with benches or wooden picnic tables in rows inside the tent. Set up serving tables across one end of the tent. Stack compartmentalized food trays, preferably metal, and place containers holding utensils next to the trays.

If you won't be serving food, style the tent as an Officer’s Club. Scatter smaller tables around the open area. Use tables or boards on stacked boxes or sawhorses as the bar. Put a jukebox in one corner of the tent and hang brightly colored Japanese lanterns from the ceiling.


Rent at least two outhouses. Label them with handmade signs as “Officer’s Latrine” and “Enlisted Latrine.” If outhouses are not available, put the signs on bathroom doors.


Hang large camouflage nets in strategic locations to enhance the military appearance of the party space. You can purchase these nets at military surplus stores. For a M_A_S_H_ party staged inside a house or other structure, hang these nets on the walls. Park a military-style jeep near the tent or front of the house. Decorate the jeep with a white square and a large red cross and add a small military flag to the antenna.

Surgical Tent

Set up a tent to look like the surgery area, using a simple canopy, a carport or some other shelter. Set up an operating table by raising a cot a few feet and covering it with a white sheet. Place medical supplies such as gauze and cotton nearby.

Simulate IV fluid by poking a tiny hole in a jar lid, such as a canning jar, and inserting a piece of clear plastic tubing to look like the IV line. Form a piece of heavy wire into a holder, so the jar can hang upside down. Paint a red cross on the jar and hang it from a nail or hanger. In addition to themed decor, you can make several of these jars and use them to dispense drinks. Fill them with clear or red drinks.

Sign Post

Place a sign post on the party grounds pointing to different areas of interest, such as the latrine, the mess tent and the names of some of the guests’ home towns.