How to Marry in China

by Pamela Gardapee

To marry in China, at least one person that wishes to marry must reside in China. Two people from a different country will not be allowed to marry. Marrying someone that lives in China is easier to do than in some other places. This can be done without any special visas. In China, the consular officers and American diplomats do not need to witness the marriage. The age restrictions are twenty for a woman and twenty-two for a man. There are steps to take in order to marry in China.

Present a document that states the martial status from the home country of the foreigner that is marrying a Chinese resident. The document must state that the person is free to marry. This means that a divorce decree must be presented from the person's home country showing the divorce date and status.

Present a current passport as well as the Marriageability Affidavit. The affidavit must be translated into Chinese before being authorized. The Marriageability Affidavit can be obtained from the consulate.

Authorizing the affidavit can be done only after proof of marrying status is defined. The person that needs the affidavit witnessed must have a photo identification card for the fiancé and a current passport to present to the Consular officer before signing.

Presentation of the Chinese Family Registration Book is needed. The partner that resides in China does this step. The Chinese partner also needs to present a Chinese National ID card.

The marriage must be registered with the Chinese civil affairs office to be legal.

Items you will need

  • Passport
  • Chinese Family Registration Book
  • Marital status papers
  • Marriageability Affidavit
  • Photo ID
  • Chinese National Photo ID


  • Students that marry foreigners can no longer attend school.
  • Some schools make the Chinese student pay back any tuition that was not paid.
  • The Marriageability fee must be paid before the authorization.

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