What Do Married Couples Do for Hobbies?

by Jaime Vargas-Benitez
Bowling is a hobby married couples can do together while they also meet new people.

Bowling is a hobby married couples can do together while they also meet new people.

Participating in a hobby together is one way of bonding for a married couple. Spending time pursuing hobbies together can help a couple learn new things about themselves and one another. Make sure you pick activities that interest you both, and take turns choosing activities so each partner has a voice. You may find your partner is the most enjoyable person to be around and your best friend.

Get Outside

There are many outdoor activities a couple can participate in together. Going for a walk or jog can be a nice way to spend time together and still be able to hold a conversation. Other outdoor hobbies a couple may like to pursue include inline skating, bird watching, canoeing and camping. Any of these activities can be done by the couple independently or with a larger group. Getting outside is good for you and your partner physically and spending the time together is good for your relationship.

Team Sports

There are some team sports that accommodate married couples. For instance, softball and bowling leagues are often couple-friendly team sports. By surrounding yourself with others who enjoy your hobby you expand your social circle together. Couples may compete together on the same team or opt to join separate teams if both partners enjoy some healthy competition with one another. It is important to remain respectful and not become too competitive. Remember, it is a game, and the idea is to have fun with your spouse.

Game Night

If you and your spouse have children it may be hard to leave the house in order to pursue a hobby. You may want to invest in games you can play together. You might enjoy joining an online fantasy football league or other online game. Some couples may enjoy playing board games together. You do not have to leave the house or spend a lot of money in order to find a hobby you enjoy with your spouse. It is less about what you are doing and more about the company.

Take a Class

For couples that enjoy learning new things, taking a class together is a great hobby. There are many types of classes to try, and you can take turns picking which type you take. You may want to take a cooking class. Your spouse may want to take a dance class or exercise class. Some other options include creative writing classes, or auto repair class. A husband and wife can spend time learning new things together, which can bring them closer as a couple.

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