How to Find Free Marriage Records Online

by Contributor

Knowing how to find free marriage records online can save you a lot of time driving to the county records department and the hassle of looking up information. Depending on which county you live in, most records can be found online. Each country has there own system therefore marriage records from other countries may or may not be available online.

COUNTY RECORDS - Look at the website for the county records department for your county. The county records departments for your area may or may not have marriage records available online. Not every county in the United States has this service available. If the records are available, there may be additional requirements to access the records. If you were at the county records department physically, your access to records would be easier. Some of the requirements may be things such as proof that you are related to the individuals on the records you are seeking and possibly a fee for a physical copy of the records. Each and every county has a different set of rules when it comes to how their records are accessed.

OTHER FREE RECORD WEBSITES - Look at free marriage record websites online. Websites that offer free marriage records usually offer only a minimal amount of information. You may only be able to find out the names of the married party and the date that they were married. They do not usually show you the actual marriage certificate or license. If that is the only information that you need, then you are set. If you need additional information, you may want to look into the paid record websites who charge only a small fee to access a record. Knowing how to find free marriage records will simplify your life.

PAID RECORD WEBSITES - Use a paid marriage record website if you were unable to access the free records or if you did not receive all of the information that you are looking for. You will be able to see the actual records and get copies of actual records from paid marriage records websites. Look up your family ancestors easily online. You can find the marriage records of ancestors for several hundred years. Records are available for all fifty states and some U.S. territories. Look below in the Resources section if you need more information about finding free marriage records. Knowing how to find free marriage records online can help you take care of business faster and easier than ever.