Marriage Proposal Ideas on Christmas

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Popping the question in undoubtedly one of the biggest moments of a man’s life. This point of no return should be well planned and very memorable for both parties involved. When the time to propose comes around the Christmas holiday season, it can be especially magical. The holiday also provides a number of opportunities for creative proposals that will live forever in her memory.

Christmas Light Proposal

Lighting the house with decorative holiday lights is an activity that is anything but suspicious. Even if you don’t normally do this, it is easily dismissed with a quick explanation. Tell her you are in an especially jolly mood this holiday season. Tell her you want her to come over for the official turning on of the lights.

String the lights into a message across the lawn or roof that will advertise to the world that you love this woman and want to be her husband. Ten-foot tall letters in Christmas lights that spell out “Will you marry me?” will definitely take her by surprise. Of course you’ll need to have the ring in your pocket when you throw the switch as well.

This effect is similar to the football stadium scoreboard proposal, but without the 70,000 witnesses. This proposal is extreme but still somewhat intimate depending on the neighborhood.

Bunch of Boxes

If your idea of a perfect holiday proposal involves asking the question on Christmas morning, then the bunch of boxes surprise proposal is the answer. Since an engagement ring in a tiny wrapped box handed to a significant other may be too obvious, try putting it in a larger box—and then another, and then another.

Start with the ring box, wrapped in beautiful holiday paper and bows. Place that box inside a slightly larger one, then place that box inside a slightly larger one and so on until the wrapped box under the tree appears to be a new television set. This will certainly throw her off your trail and keep the surprise alive.

On Christmas morning give her the gift and watch as she digs through box after box, assuming it’s a gag gift at some point, only to find a diamond ring at the end as you drop to one knee and propose treeside.

The Solo Ornament

Putting up the Christmas tree can be an enjoyable activity to do together. Ask the future fiancé to come and assist with the decorations under the guise that you think she would know how to make it look better.

In the meantime, put up the tree and the lights, but do not put any ornaments on the tree until she gets there. Actually, you will want to put one. Place a single ornament in the center of the tree at eye level and place the ring on the ornament, threading the hook through the center. This can be a custom-made ornament that reads “Will you marry me?” This will make your intentions clear and the ornament can be a keepsake for many Christmases to come.