Marketing Open House Ideas for Salons

In many cases, a salon business grows slowly and steadily due to referrals and word of mouth. But if you want to jump start your new or established salon business, you should hold an open house. Getting the salon decorated and organized for the open house is the fun part in most cases, but marketing it to the public requires a little more thought and work.

The Event

If you want people to take time out to visit your salon's open house, you have to set up the event with plenty of activities and freebies, including free drinks and food, styling tips, and entertainment. Set the open house hours to at least six to eight hours during the day to increase the possibility that a significant number of people in your community will attend and learn about your salon services.

Press Releases

Write a press release to publicize your salon open house. Briefly (in 400 words or less) give a quick background on the salon (including interesting information regarding the owner) and full details about the location and time of the open house event. If there will be an open bar, free food, performances, or any other features at the event ,be sure to mention them all in the press release. When you're finished writing your press release, submit it using an online press release service (see "Resources" below for an example), or simply mail it to the news or features departments of your local news media. If you have the money, advertise your open house with local media outlets that are likely to reach your intended clientele, particularly small local newspapers and popular local radio stations.

Door-to-Door or Street Pamphleteering Campaign

Have a professional graphic designer create flyers that advertise your salon open house. Include full details about the event, the services offered, and the prices charged (including any discounts that will be extended at this special event). For example, if you have a 20-percent off deal, create a special coupon on the flyer that guests can redeem at the open house. Hire a street team to go door to door within a reasonable radius of your salon and either knock on doors to distribute the flyers, place them in mailboxes, or stick them inside of screen doors.

Your "Come Again"Offer

You have to offer guests a gift, discount, or benefit to encourage them to visit your salon on another date. These offers could include free or half-priced styling sessions, a beauty consultation, or a promise of a luxury experience at a regular price. Put a time limit on the offer, such as 30 days, and ask the customer to set an appointment on the day of the open house.