How to Know if a Man Is Telling the Truth When He Says He Loves You

by Alysia D. Roehrig

Some women believe that men use the phrase “I love you” to get sexual favors, while some believe that men mean what they say. However, sometimes women get disappointed after taking an assurance of love for face value. The disappointment stems from a misunderstanding of what someone means when he says he loves you. However, a few pointers can help you tell if he is telling the truth when he says he loves you.

He Does Things for You

According to Psychology Today, men often express love through providing, doing, fixing and other practical actions. A man who loves you will want to do one thing or the other for you. He will buy you food, help you find a garage for your car, bring you gifts, listen to your problems and offer help or advice.

Your Emotional Needs

Women express and experience love through an emotional connection. A man who truly loves you works toward creating an emotional connection with you. He works towards understanding you through spending time with you and listening to you. He treats your emotional needs as a priority by acknowledging you, telling you nice things and constantly reassuring you of his love. A man who truly loves you is also not afraid to apologize when he is wrong and does not like to see you upset.

He is Affectionate

Both genders are likely to show their love to each other through affection, according to a report published in a November 2012 edition of the “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” journal. A man who truly loves you will show you affection by giving you the right compliment when you least expect it. He may also hold and show you tenderness with no expectation of sex in return, wrap his arm around you and squeeze you gently when you sit together, kiss your cheek or forehead, share leisure activities with you and look into your eyes when he talks to you.

He Is Proud of You

A man who truly loves you will not make you his best-kept secret. He wants you to meet people who matter most to him and he is eager to meet your friends and family too. He also respects your pace and does the introductions when you are ready and comfortable. A man who loves you will also be proud and open about his background, friends, career and financial status.

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