Making Lips Look Thicker

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Whether age is making your lips thin or genetics didn't bless you with a plump pucker, you still can get thick lips. Fake it! With the creative use of makeup, choosing specific cosmetics or trying at-home lip-plumping serums, you can create a full, healthy pout in minutes. The key is taking more than 10 seconds to apply your lip makeup in passing. Grab the cosmetics bag and a good close-up mirror to get started.

Outline the lips with a lip-liner pencil, starting at the far edges of the lips and working halfway across, stopping in the center. This should take four strokes: two on the top lip, two on the bottom lip. Fill in the lips using the same lip-liner pencil to create a base. Choose a lip-liner shade that's darker than your natural lip color to create an illusion of wider, fuller lips.

Apply a lipstick or tint over the top of the liner. Use a lip brush or the angled edge of a lipstick tube to fill in the lips with short, even strokes. Choose a light lip color to reflect more light and make the lips appear thicker. Try pale peach, nude tones or soft pink lip color.

Use a freshly sharpened lip-liner pencil to accentuate the "V" in the center of your top lip after applying the lip color. Well-defined edges make your lips seem thicker and more pronounced.

Dust the lips with a tiny bit of loose powder to set the look. Choose a shimmery powder foundation or bronzer to add more sheen and reflection to the lips. This keeps the lip liner and lip color in place longer.