Making Flyers for a Going Away Party

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Making party flyers for a going away party is the perfect way to get friends and family together for a farewell gathering. Whether for work or family, it is important to gather all the special people in the guest's of honor life to wish him the best in a new city or town.

Theme and Paper Selections

Before you can choose the paper for the farewell party, you will need to decide if there will be a party theme. It may be a barbeque, a luau, or Western party. A theme for a going away party isn't necessary, but it does help provide a framework for food and entertainment. After a theme is decided, choose flyer paper to match. A red and white checked bordered paper is perfect for outdoor picnics, cowboy-themed gatherings and pizza parties. Paper with a swimming motif is perfect for a pool party. Elegant baroque borders and water markings provide a background for an elegant dinner party invitation. If no theme is chosen, a generic-colored flyer paper will be adequate for your needs.

Time and Date

Be sure the time and date of the function is clearly stated on top of the flyer. If the party is for a co-worker, be sure the time is suitable for other employees to attend. Always check with the guest of honor to ensure that the time and date of the event works with his busy moving schedule.


Include an address for the location of the farewell party. Choose a venue that is easy for guests to find and park their vehicles, and one that the guest of honor may have fond feelings for, such as a picnic area, favorite restaurant or nightclub. You may also choose also choose a comfortable home of a friend or relative. Add a phone number for those individuals who may not be familiar with the area or to provide a helpline for those who get lost on the way.

Party Essentials

Be clear on what is included at the party and what guests are requested to bring. For example, an invitation may read "all foods provided, but bring your own beverages" or "potluck dinner -- bring your favorite dish."

The wording should also imply what the attire for the function is. "Casual attire," "semi-formal" or "swim attire" will assist the guests in determining how to dress appropriately for the occasion.


Print the flyers and distribute them to all who should be included in the occasion. Be sure not to exclude any important people from the guest's of honor work or home life. Add a RSVP telephone number or email address to ensure that enough food or beverages are prepared, if applicable, and that space and parking are available for the crowd expected.