Making Batter for Chile Rellenos


0:01 Hi, my name is Jenny Villagomez and on behalf of Expert Village I'll be showing you how

0:05 to make chile rellenos. Preparing the Batter: While our chiles are

0:13 drying, we'll make the batter, grab your eggs and carefully crack them into a bowl without

0:20 tearing out the yolk. Crack them in the middle, using one half of the shell to hold the yolk.

0:30 Holding the yolk with one half of the shell, work carefully leaving the egg whites.

0:41 Grab your electric blender and lock in your whisk. Set it to whip and beat your eggs until

0:50 it's firmly whip cream. When the whip is firm add an egg yolk. Your batter should not be

1:02 to creamy or else it will not adhere itself to the chile