Makeup for Girls With Freckles

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These pale little beauty marks can be a source of frustration and self-consciousness for girls with freckles, who may be looking for ways to cover them up with makeup or tone them down so they're not so obvious. But when you've got freckles, wearing heavy foundation to hide them just winds up looking cakey and unnatural. Instead, use makeup that helps give your a healthy, fresh-faced look -- and still lets your freckles shine through.

Go Light

Using a heavy foundation and concealer to cover up your freckles can give you a dated look. Instead, opt for a light coverage product that allows your freckles to show through. A tinted moisturizer works well because it can help even out your skin tone without hiding your freckles. You can also apply a lightweight liquid foundation with a damp sponge so it goes on sheer enough to showcase your freckles and still hide discolorations.

Get the Color Right

If you have skin issues like acne breakouts or scars that require more coverage, you can use a foundation that covers better -- but to make sure that your freckles aren’t totally hidden, you have to get the shade right. Use a foundation that matches the color of your skin between the freckles or the underside of your neck, not the freckles themselves. A mineral foundation is a good option because it provides full coverage that looks natural and contains light-reflective pigments that can give your skin a healthy glow.

Fake a Flush

When you have freckles, choosing the right color blush is key if you want them to show through. If you have fair to light skin, blush that is too pink can hide your freckles or make them look muddy. Instead of a pink shade, look for a natural blush color like a muted mocha or rosy bronze. If you have medium to darker skin, opt for a blush shade that’s opposite your skin tone on the color spectrum. For warm skin tones, a cool mauve or rose shade works well. If you have cool undertones, opt for a warm pink or coral blush.

Bronze with Care

When you want to fake a sun-kissed glow or add definition to your face, you can use bronzer. However, when you have freckles, it can be tricky to use because its warm brown and copper tones can be similar in color to your freckles. Instead of heavy liquid or cream bronzers that can mask your freckles, use a sheer powder formula. The lightweight powder bronzer can still add warmth and definition to your skin, but it won’t hide your freckles.